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Assessorial Fees

Last Updated 10/16/2023

California Origination Surcharge 56.5% Surcharge on all shipments originating in LAX, ONT, RNO, SAN, SFO and SMF.
Capacity Surcharge $7.50 per hwb
C.O.D. Fee 5% of collected charges, $30.00 minimum charge.
Crate Unwrap Surcharge $150.00 per crate applied to any HAWB if recovery agent uncrates shipment on ALC dock.
Cross Dock Fee $5.50/ cwt or $0.05/lb. $50.00 minimum
Declared Value Fee HWBs exceeding $.50 a pound must be a declared value. DV charge of $.60 per $100(or fraction thereof) applies to any HWB with a declared value
Destination Surcharge 7% added to all destination points except TX(AUS, DFW, IAH, LRD, MFE, OKC, SAT), West Coast(LAX,SAN, SFO, SMF, RNO), and FL (MCO, MIA, TPA, PNS). Also excluded CA origin points (LAX, SAN, SFO, SMF, RNO).
Devanning/ Container/Special Trailer Unload $350.00 per palletized trailer/ container or $400.00 per non-palletized trailer or container; plus Skid Exchange/Surcharge rate per pallet
Florida Destination Shipments 12% Surcharge on Shipments terminating in Florida.
Fuel Surcharge Set weekly.
Document Preparation $10.00 per document
Hard Copy POD $35.00
HWB Reconsignment Fee $35.00 per ALC HWB (change the Recovering Agent/Consignee on HWB).
HWB Re-Route Fee $25.00 per ALC HWB, plus applicable linehaul charges (change Destination on HWB).
HWB Splitting $50.00 per ALC HWB, plus applicable linehaul charges. (Recovering Consignee is responsible for recovering correct piece at ALC Destination)
HWB Termination $35.00 per ALC HWB, plus applicable linehaul charges. (Terminate HWB at a location en-route to its original destination)
JFK Shipments $0.02 per lb. on all originating & terminating JFK shipments.
Oversized Handling $150.00 per shipment containing a dimension larger than 96"; $250.00 per shipment containing a dimension larger than 144”, which is also subject to further review for linear charge.
Pallet Exchange $6.00/ skid
Pallet Unwrap Surcharge $25.00 per pallet will be applied to any HWB if a recovery agent unwraps the shipment on our dock.
Residential Fee $30.00 per ALC HWB for pickup from/delivery to a private residence.
Storage $4.00 per cwt or $.04 per lb. subject to a $30/day min. applied after 48 Hours excluding weekend and Holidays
Skid Exchange/Surcharge $10.00 per skid recovered/per shipment (allocated to party responsible for freight charges). Rate includes shrink wrap prep for each pallet.
Video Review/Clean POD $40.00 for 1st hour, $25.00 for each hour after with $40.00 minimum. Written requests required.

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